Falling Victim to Opportunity Cost

The amazing anonymous banking abuse is dooming 95% of our association to banking dependence. Sadly, the absolute abuse could be avoided. For the endure 50 years the allowance industry has been cogent the 100 man story. It goes like this: For every 100 humans starting at 25 afterwards alive for 40 years at age 65 the cutting majority 95% are either Dead, Dead Broke or Financially Dependent on Family, Friends or even worse the Government. This adventure was amenable for affairs billions of dollars in activity allowance over that timeline. And while the activity allowance band-aid was and is still a applicable and important section of acceptable financially absolute it is not analytic the primary could cause of the banking victimization.

The alpha of the botheration is the acquittal of debt. The boilerplate American is accident a minimum of $100k over the lifetime of their debt service. These losses are hidden and accessible so we never see it until it’s too late. Just like agreement a frog in a pot of baking water, the frog would resist, but if you put a frog in a nice balmy pot of baptize he acquiescently takes to the environment, and again its artlessly a bulk of boring axis up the temperature while the activity is boring ebbed from the frog and ultimately the frog is absolutely boiled.

Financially we are frogs, and the acquittal of debt is our balmy adequate environment. Boring all befalling is boring ebbed out of our future. The dollars that are taken from us in the anatomy of advancing absorption payments which actualize not alone the accident of money but the ultimate accident of constant befalling cost. The money we lose is never in our control to actualize approaching abundance with through the abracadabra of admixture absorption and accordingly we accept a abrogating admixture absorption aftereffect which assures the consistent banking dependence. This aeon will abide to appulse one bearing at a time because the banks, banking institutions, barrier funds and all lending organizations advance on the abiding acquittal of debt account payments. And we are accommodating participate because the banking articulacy apprenticeship we accept accustomed is a simple adventure of plan to earn, spend, borrow and achieve your payments on time. Absorb and pay on time. We accept absitively to blithely yield all of our approaching balance to prepay today for actual things. Yield a 30 year mortgage for example. In the aboriginal 19 years of a 30 year mortgage you will prepay the majority of the interest, with a baby atom of the arch paid down, the endure 11 years will pay off the all-inclusive majority of the principal. In the end you will accept paid approx. 2.5 times the bulk you borrowed. All the while people’s above affair is the absorption amount at which they get the loan. Talk about a abracadabra trick, it’s not the absorption that robs you its the timeline you pay the absorption over. If time is factored in with money that creates the abracadabra accepted as admixture absorption and this abracadabra can either accompany you abundant abundance or it can rob you of any adventitious for the accession of wealth. It’s a acrid brand and we accept been indoctrinated and accomplished to use it adjoin our best interests at all times in every banking accommodation we make.

My point for you actuality is while activity insurance, annuities, retirement planning, investment cars are all actual important banking solutions they become arguable if you avoid the amount assumption of bread-and-butter loss. The aboriginal band-aid is to STOP all losses and abduction the money you agreeably accord abroad to the banks and banking institutions. That money is the basic you get to use to actualize the approaching abundance you charge to be financially independent. If you don’t achieve this you are never in the game, you are artlessly active on a treadmill or in this case a hamster wheel. Sure you save some money, again you advance some money, you set up retirement affairs and yet you abide to achieve debt account payments which over time lose absurd sums of money that never get into your plans, it’s commensurable to accepting centralized bleeding, you are boring bleeding to afterlife and never apperceive it until you cease to be. You took all the appropriate accomplish to accompany banking ability but you never knew you were bleeding and appropriately alien to you afterlife was your alone result. Stop the bleeding and again yield the next accomplish in the strategy.